The Art of Life Drawing



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Life drawing has long been a modality studied and explored by artists throughout history. Typically, with a nude model, artists draw figurative shapes to represent the natural human form.

Many methods of teaching life drawing involve measurement and a rigid approach to perspective. Often proportional tools developed to draw man made things are applied to drawing the figure…

Well, I believe in a more intuitive and uplifting approach. I have watched students truely take ownership in their drawings and in themselves when they learn to connect with their bodies while creating. Coining the term “nude is not rude” I also aim to alleviate the many insecurities and taboos about nudity.

“Being mindful as we draw, feeling our body do the work and not over-thinking things like proportion and perspective, we start to truly experience and enjoy our drawing.”

You don’t draw with your mind… You draw with your body!

Something amazing happens when we life draw another person…!

One’s own body image is connected to our drawing… yes, even though we are looking at another person! I have seen it time and time again, and even done it myself, drawing more of a representation of my own body parts when life drawing someone else.

Please join me at class, at a talk or workshop to dive deeper into your creative self by drawing from life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do I need to have drawing experience to come to class?
A.  No, not at all.  We welcome beginners and artists of all stages.

Q. Can I pay for classes with a card?
A. Yes.  I take cash, card or direct deposit.

Q. Do I need to bring my own materials?
A. Yes.  Please bring your preferred drawing materials eg. charcoal, pastels, pencils, watercolour.  If you forget don't fret, I have the basics there for you to borrow anyway!

Q. Is the model naked?
A. Yes.  Life drawing traditional uses a nude person. The beauty of the natural human form is viewed respectfully. Models are modest and treated with absolute respect during class. I have a strict privacy policy and agreement with all of my models.



Thank you for all that beautiful life drawing experience. I just finished a painting and couldn’t believe how much easier it felt to go with my flow and trust my skills. The bits I usually struggle with were really enjoyable.
— Fiona, July 2018
Zoe is exceptional at guiding you through artistic processes. The atmosphere is so warm and comfortable. Always have a great time. Great value too!
— Sarah, May 2018
I loved my experience at Life Drawing Eumundi and would recommend it to anyone, even those like me that have never really drawn before, it was very relaxing and fun.
— Kay, May 2018