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established in 1981

 Me and my baby emu friend Ernie

Me and my baby emu friend Ernie

 Me drawing at the 2018 Hinterland Beer Festival in Eumundi

Me drawing at the 2018 Hinterland Beer Festival in Eumundi

My creative journey began very young.  A classical pianist for a Mother and Architect as a Father, I was surrounded by art.  Although my own style was yet to emerge until much later, as a child I often played out my fantasies in drawings, writing poetry, art and crafts and dancing.  

My Mum was a keen seamstress as well, and made a lot of my clothes as well as a kick arse Snow White costume.  Complete with knitted Seven Dwarves!  I also spent a lot of time in nature even though we lived in the burbs in Sydney, until making the tree change to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. 

An awkward teenager, I fell trap to common trends.  Although I did enjoy experimenting making my own and friends costumes with a Punk flare.  Video games and parties took precedence but I never stopped drawing.  Art and cooking were my favourite subjects at school and I enjoyed being creative in both.  Catering gave me a great foundation to work in the hospitality industry in the coming years after school, but it wasn't long until I enrolled in Interior Design.

Ten years in the interiors industry, married with a baby, I soon felt something deeper bubbling.  The opportunity came, strangely falling upon me when I got sick and divorced.  

Graphic design first drew me in as a viable career change after becoming a single mother.  It was at Tafe that I established a new network of mentors and friends that led me to study fine art.

From there, I explored what it meant to be a mother, a wife, an artist and a Woman!  Art history and theory soon led me to other degrees and to teach at the very Tafe I graduated from.  Teaching, channelling my knowledge and experience has become my passion and service.  Both in classes and now my own work.


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